If you need any help finding these tools and materials, or require additional clarificaton, please feel free to Contact Us. In order to complete Volume 1, you will need the following tools and materials:

1 x Blue Pen
1 x 50cm ruler
1 x 30cm ruler
3 x 250ml liquid paper glue (wood or craft glue will also do well)
3 x 50g Glue Sticks
1 x Craft Knife (with approx. 7 spare blades)
Color Printer (Especially for parts that are pre-finished)

Heavy Card
5 sheets of white, A0 heavy card (laser board), approximately 1.5mm thick, at least 1200mm long by 76mm wide

132 sheets of plain white, A4, 200gsm cardstock. Non-glossy is best.

Plain Paper
1 sheet of plain white, A4, 80gsm paper. Like the kind typically used in home and office printing.
Tools and Material That You Will Need
(Volume 1)