On a summer night in 1907, that a dream to build the most fantastic ship ever conceived began in London.

The dream lives on with our printable kit. Build a 1:200 scale model of the Titanic out of Cardstock. The completed ship is slightly less than two meters long, and includes a beautiful, high quality finish.

Two volumes of e-books provide simple, yet detailed instructions as well as assembly parts that can be printed on any home or office printer.
Build a Replica of the Titanic
What You Will Need
This article explains the tools and materials you will need to complete Volume 1 of this model. You can get most of these items at a stationery store, an arts and craft or hobby store. You can also purchase these items online from Amazon. Contact us if you need help. Read More...
How the News Spread
At approximately 12:15am on a cold April night in 1912, the first “CQD” distress call went out from Titanic. The call was immediately picked up by the ships “La Provence” and the “Mount Temple”. For the next 10 minutes, Titanic would continue to call for help.
Titanic Inquiry Transcripts
Few people have read the transcripts from the British Board of Trade inquiry and the American Senate inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic. It's really fascinating reading, though quite lengthy.